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Donegal Hotels Tyrone Hotels Derry Hotels Antrim Hotels Down Hotels Armagh Hotels Cavan Hotels Fermanagh Hotels Belfast Hotels County Louth is the smallest county in Ireland and is situated on the east between Dublin and Belfast. It is one of the counties which were influenced by English rule from Norman times onwards. Louth is a county filed with prehistoric sites, crumbling ruins and ancient burial grounds. The far northern area of Louth has the Cooley Mountains and Peninsula, the town of Carlingford with its warm waters overlooking the Irish Sea.

Louth is home to legends such as Cuchulainn, Queen Maeve and Finn MacCool. The Cooley Peninsula is where the legendary Cattle Raid of Cooley took place. The peninsula is a great scenic drive and has numerous walking trails. The largest village you pass is Carlingford set among the mountains and the attractive Mountains of Mourne can be seen from the Lough.

Dundalk is Louth’s capital towns and is also a border point. It is home of the Harp Brewery and Harp is served and enjoyed throughout the town’s many pubs. Visitors are drawn to the Cathedral of St Patrick which resembles King’s College Chapel, Cambridge. Dundalk is also home to a bird reserve at Dundalk Bay. Dundalk’s name is said to come from Dun Dealgan, which is said to be the birthplace of Cuchulainn.

’s other main town is unusual in that it has 2 St. Peter’s Churches, both with fascinating stories and history. St. Peter’s Church on West Street which was built in the 1880’s has the remains of the martyr Saint Oliver Plunkett. The other St. Peter Church is on Peter Street and dates back to Cromwell times. Drogheda lies only a few miles east of where William and James battled on the Boyne.

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There are 12 counties in Leinster Province.
Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Louth,

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