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Armagh - Straddling the border of the Irish Republic to the South, County Armagh is the spiritual heart of Northern Ireland, presents a rich plethora of pre-historic and modern attractions in its beautiful surrounding countryside. A distinctively Irish county, Armagh is steeped in rich Celtic history and today serves as a perfect base for exploring Ireland's border country and the cosmopolitan capitals of Belfast and Dublin, both within easy reach from Armagh Town.

Belfast -The Northern Irish Capital of Belfast has undergone remarkable changes and redevelopments over the course of the latter stages of the 1990s and into the 21st century, having transformed its image into a leading centre of entertainment and cultural excellence. Following its turbulent history during the 1970s and 1980s, the city and its citizens have moved forward through innovation and renewal, placing Belfast firmly on the Irish Tourist Map.

- Cork is Ireland's 2nd largest city and is nicknamed the Rebel city as it became a base in the 19th century for the National Fenian Movement. It is situated at the south coast of Ireland and besides the main city of Cork there are picturesque and historic coastal villages and towns around Cork County. Cork has been described as a long marshy valley and indeed the name Cork has a meaning of "marshy place".

Derry - Hugging the north western littoral of Northern Ireland, County Derry is a region of unsurpassed natural beauty from its picture postcard coastal towns and fishing villages to the imposing Sperrin Mountains that majestically occupy the centre of the county. The main focal point and attraction to County Derry is Derry City, now one of Ireland's principal destinations for city breaks or long term vacations.

Dublin - The city of Dublin is the capital and largest city in the Republic of Ireland, and indeed the entire island of Ireland. Dublin has firmly established itself as one of Europe's premier tourist destination, due to a blend of it's distinctly Irish culture and atmosphere and it's transformation into a modern cosmopolitan city of the 21st century.

Galway - Regarded as Ireland's major centre for the Arts, Galway City boasts an eclectic and colourful array of annual festivals that reflect the region's effervescent music and dance arena and the delicious food and delicacies that Galway is internationally acclaimed for, from seafood to premiere quality cheeses.

Limerick - Limerick city is one of Ireland’s largest towns and was originally a Viking location due its preferred positioning at the mouth of the River Shannon. Later, the Norman era brought expansion and fortifications. Early 20th century brought decline and poverty and was epitomised in Frank McCourt’s best selling book “Angela’s Ashes.”

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