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Cavan is 1 of the 6 counties making up the Irish Midlands. The other 5 counties are Monaghan, Laois, Offaly, Longford and Westmeath. Cavan is north of the midlands and the southern most province of traditional Ulster. The origin of Cavan is “Cabhan” and is said to mean “hollow” or “little hill”.

Cavan’s highest point is the Cuilcagh Mountain which is 2188 feet. The source of Ireland’s longest river is on the southern slopes of Cuilcagh Mountain. Cavan’s other river is the Erne which rises in Lough Gowna. Cavan is approximately 730 square miles of lakes and river systems offering a haven for fishermen and water enthusiasts. Cavan has been a popular holiday destination for many years due to its mineral spas at Swanlinbar in West Cavan. Swanlinbar’s bygone spa waters were thought to have cured low spirits.

Cavan Town, with its beautiful cathedral, is home to the popular Cavan crystal brand of hand-cut glass. Visitors can relax in comfortable surroundings whilst learning of the history and production of mouth-blown, hand-cut crystal. On site there is also a restaurant offering mouth watering home-cooked food.

Cavan County Museum is located in a 19th century, three storey building and contains material remnants from Cavan’s interesting past. Cavan is presented to visitors from Stone Age through to present times. Displays include Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and many medieval artefacts. The building also includes a shop, restaurant and is situated amongst extensive, impressive grounds.

Cavan has many small towns and villages throughout the county. Virginia is home to Lough Ramor which is popular for fishing and bathing. The famous book, Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift is said to have been partly written in Virginia, County Cavan.

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There are 9 counties in Ulster Province.
Irish Republic: Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan.
Northern Ireland: Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Down,
Fermanagh and Tyrone.

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